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The point of hats

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Shaking the tree

The Big T's great grandmother, Veronika Klukofsly. Photo undated. From Dove family archive. The Big T’s great grandmother, Veronika Klukofsky. Photo undated. From Dove family archive.

Hats make people feel good. That’s the point of them.

Philip Treacy, hat designer

I love hats; cloches, fedoras, boaters – the bigger and more extravagant the better. But beyond shoving on a fairly battered straw number while I’m gardening, or donning a oversized fluffy beret at early morning soccer games, my lifestyle isn’t what you might call hat-friendly.

I suspect I was born out of my time; too late to be part of a culture that embraced millinery as a day-to-day necessity.  Even in my mother’s generation, it was at least considered normal to wear hats to weddings. Here in New Zealand – a country famous for it’s informality – current wedding attire is more likely to include a baseball cap or beanie than any of the elaborate confections favoured by earlier generations.

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